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Paint touch-up

We recognize the fact that sometimes minor scuffs and scratches accompany these dents and dings. For this reason we offer, on a limited basis, scuff and scratch removal through minor polishing and basic paint touch-up only with dent removal.

Please read the benefits and capabilities of this process below. Additionaly, you may find some excellent information and a great Do-it-Yourself kit through these links Langka Paint Chip or Dr. Color Chip. or Automotivetouchup

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised at what we can polish away without harm to the original finish. This service is included with qualifying dent removal at no additional cost. More information on all the repair services we offer can be found through our Services page.

Key Benefits

  • Improves appearance ......... Makes blemishes less noticeable.
  • Protects Finish ...................... Helps prevent rust.


Minor surface scuffs and scratches that sometimes occur on impact can usually be polished away safely and quickly. Surface scuffs and scratches normally appear to be white or the color of the contact object. We use only the best polishes designed for today's softer Clear-Coat finishes, but they can also be used safely on all vehicle finishes.

If the scratch is too deep, it cannot be polished away without removing all the paint near the scratch to the level of the scratch. If you can feel a groove with your fingernail, it is probably too deep to polish. We recommend one of two things for scratches deep into or through the paint.

#1. If the chip or scratch is 2" or less in length, or in an area that is not highly visible, paint touch-up will help prevent rust and make the blemish less noticeable. We perform only the most basic paint touch-up. This is done by applying paint from the vehicle dealer with a small brush to the scratch or chip. This process only makes chips or scratches less noticeable, sometimes a lot less noticeable, but never perfect. This is something most vehicle owners can perform themselves, however we can include this only with any dent removal for a nominal fee of $45.00 to $65.00 if we provide the paint, or at no additional charge if you provide the paint.

Additionaly, you may find some excellent information and a great Do-it-Yourself kit through these links Langka Paint Chip and Scratch Repair or Dr. Color Chip.

#2 If this does not provide the desired results, we recommend repainting the complete panel. This would have to be done at a body shop. A good rule of thumb for estimating repainting cost is between $250.00 and $350.00 per panel. If the damage is less than 14 inches from an adjacent panel, repainting (blending) the adjacent panel may be required at additional cost to avoid a noticeable color mismatch.

For minor bumper damage we recommend either Jason at Ding Doctor, or Luke at Scratch and Scuff. Scratch & Scuff is San Diego's Premier Mobile Bumper Repair Service. They provide excellent mobile service and repairs you can trust .

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