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Paint-less Dent Removal

PDR is performed by using specially designed tools to carefully massage the underside of the dented area, until the dent is no longer noticeable. When properly performed, this process does not weaken the metal or harm the original paint. Hence the term, Paintless Dent Removal.

The Ding Doctor's highly skilled craftsmen utilize the latest in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technology to make your car look like new. Although most of our customers call it magic, it's really just years of experience with a truly innovative process.

It's that simple, no dent, no fillers, no painting, usually in one hour or less.

Key Benefits

· Saves Money! Starting at $75, most repairs are less than $150.

· Saves Time! Most repairs completed in one hour or less.

· Convenience! Mobile service at your home or office.

· Retains Value! Preserves original finish.

· Guaranteed Repairs! Repairs done right the first time to your satisfaction.







We work wonders on larger dents as well.



The majority of the dents we repair have a diameter of 3 inches or less. We also have excellent success in removing or greatly improving the appearance of dents as large as 36 inches, provided that the metal has not been stretched.

As a general rule, if the paint is not broken and the depth does not exceed 30 percent of the dent's diameter, the metal should be in good condition. We can usually remove dents from contoured areas in addition to those on flat areas on almost any major panel on your vehicle.

If it's repairable through PDR, we can repair it. We can also remove dents from the corners of most rubber and plastic bumpers, provided there is no damage to the inner structure. These are usually on the front and rear of your vehicle. Click here for example .

We cannot repair solid body side moldings, although some will return to, or close to, their original position during a repair to the panel on which they are located.

We also cannot repair metal (chrome or painted) bumpers. The metal is too strong for the methods of PDR and the chrome is subject to flaking.


The Ding Doctor can repair everything from door dings and small dents to minor fender benders-as long as the paint has not been cracked and the metal is not creased or crimped. It’s called Paintless Dent Removal, and no one does it better than us.

The Ding Doctor has been exceeding customers' expectations in San Diego since 1998 and we have been perfecting the dent removal process since 1985. The Ding Doctor is locally owned and operated family business.

No other company in our field offers our level of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Give us a call, you'll be glad you did.  I guarantee it!
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